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  • National nine rest assured to buy the stock market interpret
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"National nine" rest assured to buy the stock market interpreted as a major positive
Recently, the State Council issued the "Circular on Further Strengthening the capital market to protect small investors' legitimate rights and interests of opinions" (hereinafter referred to as the "National nine"), the right to protect small investors, enhance information disclosure and other targeted put forward a request. Insiders in the "International Finance" Heineken International reporter pointed out, the State Council issued the protection of investors "National Nine" is the protection of legitimate rights and interests of investors, giving the stock market more positive energy. With the future introduction of more long-term stock market to promote good policy, A shares of "digging market" will start in the next year. Market interpreted as a major positive on December 27 SFC routine press conference, spokesman Deng Ge Commission, announced that the release of this opinion is the course of development of China's capital market is an important milestone and will have far-reaching affected. Deng Ge said the comments focus on the returns of small investors are most concerned about right, right to information, participation and supervision claim fundamental rights such as the right to make a targeted institutional arrangements. "The new 'National Nine' given the current A-share market is a strong positive energy, is one of the foundations of A shares of the gradual recovery of the investment function." State Securities analyst 周建兵 wealth management center in the "International Finance," told reporters Heineken International When, spoke highly of the country's nine significance for the capital market. "The biggest highlight of the nine countries is to optimize the return mechanism. Previous policy is more biased financiers, this completely corrected over, really protect the interests of small investors." Released after nine in the country, Securities Institute of Great Britain Lida Xiao said it was hoped the 20 years of major positive. For the return on investment is low, less returns approach, the problem of the return mechanism is not perfect, the new "National Nine" requires listed companies to guide and support the return of the ability to continue to enhance and improve the profit distribution system and establish a diversified investment return system development services for small investors specialized agency, to encourage the development of low risk and stable returns products for small and medium investors. In the CASS Institute of Finance, Financial Markets Research Center, deputy director Yin Zhongli seems that the new "National Nine" is the most important dry "on the controlling shareholder and actual controller responsible for violations of listed companies, should take the initiative, accordance with the law of its equity holdings and other assets used to compensate small investors. " Lida Xiao also believes that sound significant minority investor compensation scheme, which means that after the implementation of the policy, investors can safely buy stocks. Deng Ge obvious short-term driving force in the conference stressed that the new version of "Nine countries' interests in protecting small investors built around a number of policy initiatives eighty nine aspects, there are many institutional innovation and reform highlights. Full implementation of the views of the institutional arrangements, will lay a solid foundation for further development of capital markets, improve the intrinsic quality of the capital market and operational efficiency, enhance the market value of investments, optimizing market allocation of resources, which is a long-term stable and healthy development of the market, the fundamental guarantee. Encouraged by last week, the last trading A shares rebound. The Shanghai Composite Index rose a moderate walk, stand above the late success in 2100. The Shenzhen Component Index also return to 8000-bit integer, or nearly 2%. Weight index stocks is higher across the board, the total market capitalization before the 30 stocks without a fall. China Ping An, China Pacific Insurance, or SAIC rose more than 3%. It is worth noting that this "National Nine," released just break point coincides with the Shanghai Composite Index 2100 point mark, while the emergence of the country's nine immediately regain the Shanghai Composite Index above 2100 points. January 31, 2004, Xinhua News Agency broadcast a "State Council on promoting the capital market reform and stable development," and proposed mechanisms to optimize return on investment, and improve small compensation mechanism nine measures. This is the legacy of the "National nine." Statistics show that when the State Council issued the original New Deal, the market in the uplink channel, and after the introduction of the policy, the market has continued to rise for two months (Shanghai Composite Index from February 2, 2004 to 1630 points on April 7 of that year the highest point of the stage 1783 points, up 9.38% cumulative). These data show that the news on the short-term market has played a significant role in boosting. "Digging market" worth the wait, however, short-term A-share market is still facing many challenges bad, especially surface funds, A shares in January 2014 and will face the New Year Eve funds IPO restart this dual challenge of intense practice. But 周建兵 believes that opportunity if the half-year since the mid-cycle considerations, the current growth of blue chip stocks really choose the layout. "Although China's macroeconomic growth is expected to slow further in 2014, but this is China's economic growth mode transformation necessary to explore the process of growing pains, but the full-year GDP growth will remain above 7%." Zhoujian Bing pointed out, "For A stock market, there will be a series of long-term positive stock market policies, including the introduction of industry funds, 401K plans Chinese version released, all of which will lead to more investment opportunities emerge equities in shock. "Zhoujian Bing emphasized, A shares have hit a new low stage, for the index, the current downturn coincided, as released a series of favorable policies, China's capital market will gradually shift from financing investment market city, promising next year is 20% -30% index upside, so now is the perfect time to layout "digging market" of. International Finance html模版“国九条”放心买股票 市场解读为重大利好
日前,国务院办公厅发布《关于进一步加强资本市场中小投资者合法权益保护的意见》(下称“国九条”),在保障中小投资者知情权、增强信息披露的针对性等多方面提出了要求。业内人士在接受《国际金融报》喜力国际 记者采访时指出,国务院发布保护投资者“国九条”是对投资者合法权益的保障,给予股市更多的正能量。随着未来更多的推动股市长期向好的政策出台,A股的“挖坑行情”将在明年启动。  市场解读为重大利好  在12月27日证监会例行新闻发布会上,证监会新闻发言人邓舸对外表示,该意见的发布是我国资本市场发展历程中一个重要的里程碑,必将产生深远的影响。邓舸表示,该意见紧紧围绕中小投资者最关心的收益回报权、知情权、参与监督权和求偿权等基本权利,做出了有针对性的制度安排。  “新‘国九条’给予当前A股市场强大的正能量,是A股逐步恢复投资功能的基础之一。”国金证券财富管理中心分析师周建兵在接受《国际金融报》喜力国际 记者采访时,高度评价了国九条对于资本市场的意义。  “此次国九条最大的亮点是优化了回报机制。以前的政策较为偏向融资者,这次完全纠正了过来,真正保护中小投资者利益。”在国九条发布后,英大证券研究所所长李大霄表示,这是盼了20多年的重大利好。  针对投资回报低、回报方式少、回报机制不健全的问题,新“国九条”要求引导和支持上市公司增强持续回报能力,完善利润分配制度,建立多元化投资回报体系,发展服务中小投资者的专业化中介机构,鼓励开发适合中小投资者的低风险和回报稳定的产品。  而在中国社会科学院金融研究所金融市场研究室副主任尹中立看来,新“国九条”里最重要的干货是“对上市公司违法行为负有责任的控股股东及实际控制人,应当主动、依法将其持有的公司股权及其他资产用于赔偿中小投资者”。  李大霄也认为,健全中小投资者赔偿机制意义重大,这意味着政策落实后,投资者可以放心地买股票了。  短期推动力明显  邓舸在发布会上强调指出,新版“国九条”围绕中小投资者权益保护构建了九方面八十多项政策举措,有不少制度创新和改革亮点。全面落实意见各项制度安排,必将进一步夯实资本市场发展的基础,提高资本市场内在质量和运行效率,提升市场投资价值,优化市场资源配置,这是市场长期稳定健康发展的根本保障。  受此鼓舞,上周最后一个交易日A股出现反弹。上证综指温和走升,尾盘成功站稳于2100点上方。深证成指也重返8000点整数位,涨幅接近2%。权重指标股更是全线走高,总市值排名前30位的个股无一下跌。中国平安、中国太保、上汽集团涨幅超过或达到3%。  值得注意的是,本次“国九条”发布的时点正逢上证综指刚破2100点大关,而国九条的出现让上证综指立刻重新站回2100点之上。  2004年1月31日,新华社播发了《国务院关于推进资本市场改革开放和稳定发展的若干意见》,并提出了优化投资回报机制、健全中小投资者赔偿机制等九条措施。这也是旧版的“国九条”。资料显示,当初国务院颁布该项新政时,市场处在上行通道,而政策出台后,市场又继续上涨两个月(上证综指从2004年2月2日的1630点至当年4月7日的阶段性最高点1783点,累计上涨了9.38%)。这些数据显示,这一消息对短期行情起到了明显的助推作用。  “挖坑行情”值得期待  然而,短期A股市场还是面临着诸多利空挑战,尤其是资金面上,2014年1月份A股将面临IPO重启和春节前夕惯例的资金紧张这双重挑战。但周建兵认为,如果从半年度的中期周期考量,目前确实选择成长绩优股布局的良机。  “尽管2014年中国宏观经济增速预计会进一步放缓,但这是中国经济增长模式转型探索过程中的必要阵痛期,但全年GDP增长仍将维持7%以上。”周建兵指出,“对于A股市场而言,未来会有一系列长期利好股市的政策出台,包括产业资金的引入、中国版401K计划的出炉等,这些都将促成股市在震荡中涌现更多的投资机会。”  周建兵特别强调,目前A股已经创下了阶段性新低,对于股指而言,目前正逢低谷,随着一系列利好政策的出炉,中国资本市场将逐渐从融资市转向投资市,看好明年股指有20%—30%的上涨空间,因此目前正是布局“挖坑行情”的绝佳时机。国际金融报